1. Data collection and retention

1.1. Data we collect

1.2. Data retention

We store posted data described in section 1.1 indefinitely/ until expiry/ manual deletion by uploader by clicking the delete link.

1.3. Logs

We do not collect or keep any logs.

2. Takedown requests

We will comply with any takedown requests for content that violates any law, including copyright and other intellectual property laws. To request a takedown, contact an admin using the contact email below. Provide a full URL (with the decryption key situated after the "#" symbol) in the takedown request so we are able to verify your claim.

Contact: admin {@} paste.quest

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Technical Info

This site uses an open source software called PrivateBin - Ignorance is bliss. PrivateBin is a minimalist, open source online pastebin where the server has zero knowledge of pasted data. The pasted data is first encrypted on the client side and then uploaded to the server which leaves no way for the server to know what was posted. Similarly, the viewer needs a decryption key to view the encrypted data which is downloaded off the server. Decryption key (part after #) never reaches the server.
Because big sites getting hacked (e.g. Patreon) and user data (password, emails, chats, etc) getting stolen is becoming more and more common, encryption-first sites like this one are need of the hour because even if the site gets hacked, there would only be tons of garbage (encrypted data that makes no sense). You can send your parents your credit card information using this service without fearing it getting stolen/ logged.